I’m done with Idaho. For now, that is. I haven’t yet visited its capitol, and it kind of stands between me and Washington, so I’ll be back, but for now I’m in Montana.

Idaho was 38 days of basically walking north, getting me into what looks to be one of the most isolated areas I’ve been to so far. We’re way off anywhere the Street View vehicle’s been, people, and about 23 km from the nearest town — Lima, MT, population 212 (and steadily declining) .

In the non-virtual world, since my last report, there were two days I stayed in due to rain, one day due to wind, and one day I went on a bike ride — it was only 6°C (43°F) but that’s warmer than anything since then or in the forecast for the next week and a half. (It’s supposed to get down to -13°C (8°F) Saturday morning.) Leg 25 ends very soon, but, given that forecast, maybe not as soon as it would if it were summer.

A map showing my progress is here , a spreadsheet with progress detail is here , and a Google Earth KMZ file is in  this Google Drive folder . Present coordinates: 44.496°N, 112.797°W .

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