Making my virtual way north through Idaho. I skirted Malad City and Arimo, then marched right down Center Street right through McCammon. Past that, according to Google Maps, I went parallel to the rather one dimensional Indian Rocks State Park, but according to this site the park closed 40 years ago. Today I’m just east of Inkom , a city, it says here, whose population in 2010 was 854 and which is home to the world’s smallest airport.

As you may have noticed from this post title, I’ve crossed the 7000 km mark. That happened on Tuesday, when in the real world I was walking on the Edgecliff Trail in Camillus, NY. Snow had fallen that morning.

Pristine snow covered trail surrounded on both sides and above by snow covered tree branches

Walking in a yadda yadda yadda

A map showing my progress is here , a spreadsheet with progress detail is here , and a Google Earth KMZ file is in  this Google Drive folder . Present coordinates: 42.791°N, 112.224°W .