And that’s it for Leg 23. I told you it wasn’t far. Then again, if you took a look at a map, you’d see the Colorado State Capitol in Denver is only 43 km from the Colorado Air and Space Port, and you would not be surprised I’m done already.

A line drawing of the Colorado State Capitol, dating from 1906

Colorado State Capitol, 1906

You can tell it’s a Capitol. In fact it resembles the US Capitol building. Intentionally, it says here . Except the US Capitol dome isn’t covered in gold leaf, and this one is. Nor does the interior of the US Capitol make use of Colorado Rose Onyx, because this one uses it. All of it. It says here.

Not only did I complete Leg 23 today, I also completed kilometer 6000. I’ve gotten about 3 km past the Capitol to start off Leg 24.

A map showing my progress is here , a spreadsheet with progress detail is here , and a Google Earth KMZ file is in  this Google Drive folder . Present coordinates: 39.758°N, 105.012°W .