It’s July, so I’ve gotten through a not particularly great month. I did end up with more than 10 km average distance per day, just slightly less than May, but distinctly worse than June 2022. And that was because of 5 bike rides, but I had more than the usual number of non-walking days, so my average steps per day was way down. Partly that was due to rainy weather, in contrast to May — in fact we had two days in June each of which had more rain than the entire month of May. And partly that was due to two spikes in the Air Quality Index, thanks to wildfires in Quebec. (We had another very brief spike this week, from about 11 pm on July 4 to 3 am on July 5. Guess what caused that.)

And this week’s had rain and heat and I’ve been working on the bathroom floor

“Bathroom floor ripped up”

and while I’ve done some decent walking I haven’t been out for a ride, so now my steps are up but my distance is down.

Anyway, I’m (virtually) in South Dakota, heading west on a dirt road through a flat and featureless landscape. For now.

The spreadsheet showing my progress is  here , and a Google Earth KMZ file is in  this Google Drive folder . Present coordinates: 45.264°N, 102.497°W .