Here’s a mildly momentous occasion: I’ve entered South Dakota. Yes, I’ve done that before. But that’s the point. This is the first time this Earthwalk I’ve re-entered a state I’d been in before.

I’m about 160 km further west than I was when I left SD, though. Near the town of Lemmon . Per Google Maps’ directions I’m at an intersection the Street View car hasn’t been to, having come south from Lemmon on what’s evidently not much of a road. In fact, according to OpenStreetMap, the middle section of it isn’t there at all. But there’s something there in the satellite pictures, just perhaps not something your average car can use. So, okay, maybe I really did make it to that point. I could’ve taken Route 73, about 1.6 km further west, but evidently Google Maps didn’t think it was as suitable for a pedestrian.

The spreadsheet showing my progress is  here , and a Google Earth KMZ file is in  this Google Drive folder . Present coordinates: 45.891°N, 102.156°W .