Walking In Space

In January 2016 I started walking and bicycling across Mars. In June 2017 I finished that and started traversing the Moon. Now I’m walking another world: Earth.

I was not actually on Mars or the Moon, and I am not actually walking around the world, or even North America. I am doing most of my walking (and sometimes biking) close to home in upstate New York. But my goal is to spend a decade or so traveling, under my own power, more than 20,000 kilometers, the length of a virtual tour of many North American observatories, NASA sites, and other places of astronomical and astronautical interest, as well as the capitals of the 48 contiguous US states, posting en route about my journey and the sights along the way — both my virtual way around the continent and my real way here at home. This blog is the travel report; my progress to date is mapped here .

My MarsWalk, MoonWalk, and the first year and a half of my EarthWalk were blogged at https://doctroid.wordpress.com . From June 2023 on, I blog it here.