A modular synthesizer. The case is about 75 cm wide. At top is a row of Kosmo modules (20 cm high), below that a full width panel about 7.5 cm high; below that a row of Eurorack modules; at the bottom a half row of Kosmo modules with a Moog Mother-32 sitting in the other half of the case.

Kosmogenesis in November 2020

Kosmogenesis is the name I gave to a modular synthesizer I put together from 2018 to 2020. It’s a mixed Eurorack and Kosmo format synthesizer; there’s more about Kosmo format here .


It started with purchase of a Moog Mother-32 synthesizer, to which I then added some Eurorack modules. All of these were built from kits or commercial PCBs except an assembled power module and a couple of entirely homebrew modules. In 2020 I started building Kosmo format modules, a mix of my own and others’ design, and built a new case to house everything. As part of the new case I built a full width panel that has several passive multiples and attenuators and a stereo to mono splitter.

The modules are a hodgepodge without any overall plan. When the Kosmo rows of the case filled up I started a new case dedicated to a new synthesizer: Kosmodrome .

The modules are listed and described here: