YASH module, 50x200 mm, with two knobs, a switch, four jacks, and an LED

This is a Kosmo format version of René Schmitz’s YASH sample and hold synth module.

The circuit is pretty much as Schmitz designed it. The only significant changes are:

  • Addition of an output jack for the clock signal
  • Addition of an attenuator for the input signal
  • Addition of a switch to bypass the capacitor on the clock input. This turns the module from a sample and hold into a track and hold: applying a gate to the clock input causes the output to track the input voltage, and then when the gate turns off the last output voltage is held until the next gate.
  • Values of integration and gate timing capacitors were multiplied by 10. This results in 10x slower droop rate; using Schmitz’s values the droop in 10 seconds is quite large.

Git repo