Buffered multiples module, 50x200 mm, with ten jacks

The Analog Output Buffered Multiples module provides two buffered multiple circuits each with one input and four outputs; the input to the second is normalized to the input of the first, so it can function as a 1-in, 8-out multiple.

It is intended to be V/oct-safe. Voltage follower stages are used to guarantee unity gain. Input impedance is 1M instead of the common 100k, resulting in attenuation (of a signal from a source with 1k output impedance) by 0.1% rather than 1% — corresponding to 1.2 cents per octave instead of 12. Output current limiting resistors are in the loop, so there will be no attenuation at the downstream input.

There are, however, some compromises with this design, and for some uses an inverter-based multiple may be a better choice.

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