DSO138 oscilloscope module, 100x200 mm, with a display, two toggle switches, five push buttons, three slide switches, an LED, a BNC jack, and two phone jacks

This is the JYE Tech DSO138 Oscilloscope put behind a Kosmo format panel.

Slide switches, tactile buttons, and trigger indicator LED are mounted to an auxiliary PCB mounted behind the panel. Also on this board are a Eurorack style 10-pin power header with 10 µF caps and power reversal diodes, and a 9 volt regulator and TL072 op amp with associated passive components.

A BNC jack and a 1/4" phone input jack are mounted on the front panel. A toggle switch selects whether the scope input is connected to the BNC or to the 1/4" jack signal after being buffered with the TL072. The latter signal, buffered, also goes to a second 1/4" panel mounted jack, so the signal can be passed on to another module.

Also on the front panel is another toggle switch, controlling the 9 V power.

The main DSO138 board is mounted perpendicular to the front panel. I used a 3D printed carrier and long spacers to attach it. Various ribbon cables and wires connect it to the auxiliary PCB.

The display PCB is mounted to the front panel and is connected to the main PCB via a 40 conductor ribbon cable.

Git repo