Joystick module, 100x200 mm with a joystick, four knobs, and four jacks

The Analog Output Joystick provides an interface for an analog joystick. The X and Y outputs provide control voltages that vary with the horizontal and vertical positions, respectively, of the joystick.

There are range control pots for X and Y. These adjust the width of the control voltage range. With the width fully clockwise the control voltage range is about 10 V end to end.

There also are offset control pots. These add a DC offset of between -5 V and 5 V to the output. So with the range pot at maximum and the offset pot centered the output voltage ranges from about -5 V to 5 V; with the offset pot fully clockwise the output voltage range is about 0 V to 10 V.

The X output voltage increases as you move the joystick from left to right, and Y increases from down to up. There also are two inverted output jacks; here the X output increases from right to left and the Y increases from up to down. Both outputs have the same range and same offset (with same sign), so for instance if the regular output is from 0 V to 10 V left to right, the inverted output will be 10 V to 0 V left to right.

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