Attenuverters module, 75x200 mm with three sliders, a switch, and eight jacks

The Analog Output Attenuverters module provides three attenuverters — that is, on each of the Out 1/2/3 outputs is whatever voltage went into In 1/2/3 with buffering and attenuation and, if the attenuator slider is below the midpoint, inverted as well.

A toggle switch allows replacing In 1 with a 10 volt reference, allowing you to get any DC voltage from -10 V to +10 V on Out 1.

The sum of the three outputs appears on the Sum Out jack, and the inverted sum on the inverted Sum Out jack.

The attenuverters’ response to the slider position is nonlinear: it is steeper on the ends than in the middle, making it easier to set small values precisely.

The design is inspired and informed by the Kassutronics Attenuverter/Mixer Eurorack module.

Git repo