Kosmo, again, is mainly a DIY format. There is nothing stopping anyone from making and selling pre-assembled Kosmo modules, but hardly anyone ever has so far. LMNC sells bare PCBs and front panels, as do some other Kosmo builders, but you have to source the components and assemble the modules yourself (or hire someone else to).

Two PCBs (a large one with lots of footprints and a small one with just jacks and a header) and an FR4 front panel for a synthesizer module, along with a 'Look Mum No Computer' sticker

Board and panel set for an LMNC Kosmo module

Other modules are available only as design files: You can upload these to a PCB fabrication company and get your PCBs and front panels that way. Many Kosmo builders eschew PCBs in favor of building on stripboard (Veroboard) or other type of prototyping board, and many stripboard designs are publicly available.

Obviously this DIY-only aspect is a deal killer for some people. Then again, it’s an advantage for others: It’s cheaper than buying assembled modules would be. Some people find building modules fun, too. And DIY modules are easier to modify to suit your own preferences.

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