Well. I’m trying something else for my blogs, again.

I found some faults with WriteFreely and write.as . For one thing I could not get ActivityPub federation to work properly — that is, it worked more or less correctly on the writing.exchange Mastodon server, but on vmst.io and mastodon.social I could follow my blogs but new content simply did not appear in my Home feed. For another thing, I use MathJax, but in WriteFreely it’s basically impossible to proofread MathJax — because it doesn’t render it until you publish.

These aren’t necessarily deal-killing flaws, and in fact the ActivityPub thing may be entirely a problem on Mastodon’s end, though I’m skeptical of that. But the real problem that came to light is support. WriteFreely basically is a one-person project and that one person either cannot or will not respond to support requests in a timely manner. Questions being posted by various users on discuss.write.as are just not being answered or even acknowledged for days… or for ever sometimes.

So I’m going another direction. I’m blogging on my own static site. At least for the time being, the url mathematrec.richholmes.xyz isn’t going to work; it’s https://richholmes.xyz/mathematrec instead. And if you go there you find some oddities and deficiencies in the layout which I’m trying to figure out, but the write.as blog entries have been migrated there and that’s where new ones will be. RSS is at https://richholmes.xyz/mathematrec/index.xml .

(And no, there will be no federation. Alas.)

Let’s see how that works out…