So let’s say this: I truly liked some of what Chris Chibnall did in his stint as Doctor Who showrunner — starting with his hiring of Jodie Whittaker, who was a very good Doctor indeed. And I include also his “Timeless Child” story line, which, shall we say, has its detractors. But I liked it. With a show this old it needs to be shaken up good and hard once in a while. The Timeless Child gives all sorts of potential for interesting new stories. And it brought us Jo Martin, who also was a very good Doctor indeed. I’d watch the heck out of a Fugitive Doctor spinoff series, if it had the right showrunner.

Which would not be Chris Chibnall, because I also thought there were episodes — too many of them — that left one wondering whether Chibnall had ever actually watched Doctor Who. Certainly he had at best an inconsistent grasp on what makes the show tick. And when that grasp was loosest, some of the episodes were truly abysmal.

Altogether, then, I felt Chibnall’s three seasons were decidedly the lowest point of the 21st century series. And while I didn’t love everything Russell T. Davies did in the early seasons, I liked those seasons a lot more. So I welcomed the news of his return. And as for the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate? Shut up and take my money. Tennant and Tate are not slam dunks for favorite Doctor and companion for me — maybe on some days they are, other days it’s Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, or Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, or Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, or… well, there’s a lot of strong competition. But Tennant and Tate are in there.

So today came and I cranked up Disney+ and watched “The Star Beast”, the first of the three 60th anniversary specials, and, yes sir, that is Doctor Who. That’s the show I’ve loved. The action, the jokes, the story, the friendship, it’s all there.

And the very welcome trans (and black) character. Is anyone at Marvel taking notes? This is how you do diversity. Kudos.

I’d been thinking what a shame it was Bernard Cribbins has passed; that it would’ve been great to see Wilf on screen again. But I’ve just learned in fact Cribbins did film his role for the specials before he died. He wasn’t in “The Star Beast” but we will see him one last time soon. And here I was telling myself I shouldn’t complain about not having everything when we have so much as it is.

We even have the round things ! Another thing I’ve been less than fond of lately has been the rather dark and amorphous-looking TARDIS interiors. The new TARDIS look, well, arguably too far the other direction, but I’ll take it! I mean, that’s a TARDIS control room, right there. The real stuff.

Welcome back, Doctor Who! You’ve brightened the world a bit; do it some more!