Project: Bathroom improvements

Originally intended tasks:

  • Remove molding
  • Pull up old vinyl tiles
  • Evaluate and repair floor damage near toilet
  • Put down new vinyl tiles
  • Replace molding

Actual tasks:

  • Remove molding
  • Pull up old vinyl tiles
  • Pull up old underlayment
  • Remove vanity, sink, faucet
  • Buy new vanity, sink, faucet
  • Discover floor damage near toilet was much worse than expected
  • Remove toilet and flange
  • Bring in someone to cut out damaged subflooring and replace it
  • Put down new underlayment
  • Cut back underlayment near soil pipe after reading flange should go on subflooring
  • Buy new toilet and adapter flange
  • Try to install new flange, find it will not fit due to soil pipe corrosion
  • Try to get plumber to deal with flange, get put off for 10 days or so
  • Get plumber to agree to come take a look at it; instead plumber gets hospitalized with pneumonia
  • Get another plumber to come take a look at it; they say soil pipe needs fixing, requires licensed plumber, they refer me to one
  • Get licensed plumber to come take a look at it; they say they can do it but needs underlayment and vinyl up to soil pipe because flange should go on finished floor
  • Fill in underlayment near soil pipe
  • Put down new vinyl tiles
  • Get licensed plumber back to do the work. They:
    • Grind down soil pipe to proper level
    • Try three adapter flanges, first two are not satisfactory, third one fits around soil pipe so they cut away tile and wood around soil pipe
    • Install new toilet
  • Modify vanity to account for non level floor and up-from-floor plumbing
  • Put new vanity in position
  • Belatedly remember the ceiling has needed repainting for years
  • Examine old molding and decide to replace it, will need to paint new molding
  • Belatedly decide to repaint walls
  • Paint ceiling
  • Paint walls
  • Mount faucet to sink
  • Install sink
  • Plumb faucet
  • Install and paint new molding
  • Caulk around tub
  • Paint trim
  • Buy and hang new curtains on new rods

Original time estimate:

2 afternoons

Actual time:

~4 months

Original expense estimate:


Actual expenses :


Not addressed:

  • Medicine cabinet does not match new vanity
  • Towel bars do not match decor well
  • Curtains should have been ironed before hanging
  • Tub/surround is old and not in great shape
  • Walls/ceiling above tub surround could use repainting
  • Tub faucet needs replacement
  • Shower curtain rod needs replacement

These will be taken care of in 2037 (approx.)

Bathroom vanity, new flooring, wall paint, molding visible, so is old medicine cabinet