2.0 out of 5 stars

Douglas Adams this isn’t.

If you’re looking for funny jokes, they aren’t here. If you’re looking for skilled use of language, it isn’t here. If you’re looking for a plot line that makes any sense, not here. Plausible solutions to the problems the characters face? (Or deliberately implausible solutions for humorous effect?) Nope.

If you’re looking for annoying writing traits like repeatedly setting up something, rubbing your face in it, and then pointedly not explaining it until several chapters later — or not at all — that’s here. If you’re looking for at best two dimensional characters including a walking cliche of an absent minded professor, that’s here. If you’re looking for the kind of sexism that gives you three central characters of whom the two men undertake all the action and the woman does virtually nothing except look beautiful, that’s here too. (Yes, she saves the world at the end. Off camera. She’s shown going off to do it and then she’s shown having finished doing it.) Or the kind of sexism where all the bad guys are male (because a woman can’t possibly be a threat, right?). Or the kind of ethnic stereotyping of all the non-English humans in the story that would be right at home in a 1950s sitcom.

Two stars for getting the grammar and spelling mostly right.