After years of getting more and more annoyed with the bathroom floor, I’m doing something about it. Making it worse. OK, hopefully making it better by the time I’m done. Whoever tried to improve it last evidently used peel and stick vinyl tiles that lately have done less and less sticking and more and more peeling. My initial hope was that I could just pull up the tiles and put down something new but… no, I decided the underlayment had to be replaced and, even worse, the vanity cabinet. Which, granted, I’m sure was cheap when it was bought, and is in bad shape. Still, I’d hoped to postpone that, but no, it’s time for it to go. The toilet should be replaced too, but maybe not immediately.

Anyway, I’ve pulled up the underlayment for about 2/3 of the floor. Underneath is plywood. It looks like the vinyl could have gone onto that directly, but maybe they needed to get the underfloor level up another quarter inch so the finished floor would be at the height of whatever had been there previously.

It’s hot enough work that I don’t want to do much of it per day, but then, the new vanity cabinet won’t arrive for another week or so, so there’s not much of a rush.