Do you do this? You drive along a street dozens or maybe hundreds of times over the years, and then one day you notice a building’s been demolished and you say, “Wait, what used to be there?” And you can’t remember, until you go and check Google Street View and say, “Oh yeah, that.”

I had one of those today. Checked when I got home and was reminded it used to be a Pizza Hut — brown and beige sided, red roofed, with neatly trimmed shrubs out front. That was as of 2017. A year later it had a coat of yellow paint and a brown roof, and a for sale sign out in front.

Same again a year later, but the shrubs were taller.

And a year after that, same thing, taller shrubs.

Two years later, same building, same sign, shrubs heading skyward.

Today, after five or six years on the market, it’s level ground and me going “What used to be there?” Pizza Hut. I don’t miss it. I’m not sure I was ever in it.