I call this a Wave Displacer:

It’s a wave shaping module that will work on low or audio frequency waveforms. The idea is simple: Any part of the waveform that is above a threshold gets displaced upward or downward. Any part that’s below a second threshold also gets displaced upward or downward. With low frequency waveforms this gives more complex wave shapes for interesting modulation possibilities. With audio waveforms it adds harmonic content. The result depends on five parameters: The two thresholds, the two displacement amounts, and the amplitude of the original signal. All five parameters are voltage controllable.

After coming up with it I realized it can do other “off-label” things as well, acting like:

  • A VCA
  • A 3-channel mixer
  • A gate controlled CV or audio switcher
  • A source of complex low frequency or audio waveforms, periodic or aperiodic
  • A ring modulator
  • Other stuff??

It also has two auxiliary outputs to make it behave as a 1-in, 2-out comparator module.

Demo video: (Just the waveshaping and comparator functions)

Schematics, PCB design files, Gerbers, etc: