Kosmodrome Phase 2 is done. What about Phase 3?

There isn’t really so much of a need to formally define Kosmodrome Phase 3. Phase 1 was all about putting a basic synth together and Phase 2 was extending it in some fundamental ways. At this point, further expansion is mostly a matter of “this seems like an interesting module” or “hm, I need more of xxx”. More “these are things I want to do” than “this is an aspect that needs to be included”.

Anyway, here’s what I informally have in mind:


There are no drum modules currently in Kosmodrome. (Kosmogenesis has two Barton drum modules in Eurorack format, and the Kosmo Noise Bells.) Under consideration are:


Not a type of module but a construction technology — I want to get back to developing my surface mount skills. The Bong0 above has SMT passives. Other surface mount projects:

  • AO Power Display II, two 0805 resistors and an SMT header!
  • AO K Drive, a variant of the Music Thing Mini Drive

I might go with SMT designs for some of the other AO modules below.


The Long Game

Some even more miscellaneous things, lower priority.

I’m not committed to any of the above, and especially the AO things, most of which are nothing more than un-breadboarded designs in KiCad right now. I do have PCBs for Bong0, Power Display, and Slope, so those are likely to be built.


I have nowhere near enough room for all the above modules in my current cases, so I guess there’ll be another case expansion coming up! Maybe two…