If you’re into synth DIY you have to know about Music From Outer Space . Ray Wilson ran that site for many years, posting his circuit designs and PCB layouts with BOMs and copious explanations, everything you need to know to build your own synth, freely available — you could buy PCBs from him but you could also just etch your own from the graphics he supplied. Wilson unfortunately died around 2016, I think, and since then the site’s been kept up by SynthCube. But they haven’t really changed anything; it’s pretty much the way Wilson left it.

Which is to say, it’s awful. I mean, the content is great. But it’s very much a 2005-ish website, with frames and PHP navigation. That means the URL showing in your browser’s navigation bar isn’t the URL for the information about the module you’re looking at. If you want to bookmark something or send a link to someone else you need to click on the share icon at the top and copy the URL it gives you there.

I finally got fed up with that nonsense. So I’ve made a simple index to the MFOS site — or actually to the Synth-DIY section of it. Links there open the project pages directly, no frames. They’re safe to bookmark and share.