2HP Eurorack modules with knobless pots you need tweezers to work? Puhlease.

Gimme some mil spec knobs.

(From here: https://www.product-lifecycle-management.com/download/MIL-STD-1472F.pdf .)

… Okay, fine, a modular synth is not a nuclear submarine. Still, to my mind, a synth knob isn’t a setup parameter; it’s a performance control. You don’t just set up a patch to get some particular sound, press record, play some notes on the keyboard, and stop recording. You use those knobs as part of playing the synth, morphing and evolving and mutating the sound as you go. But you can’t do that well unless you have a knob per function, one you can find easily and grab onto easily and turn smoothly and continuously, maybe with one hand while turning the next knob over with the other hand, without bumping into other knobs or your other hand or anything else that’ll prevent that smooth and continuous motion.

See also the first one third or so of this: https://northcoastsynthesis.com/news/reality-check-hp/ . (After which it goes a bit off the rails, I think.)